Meet the Owner 

Hi, I'm Tommy! I've been trading for over 20 years and managing trading discord groups for the last 5. These last few years I started taking a liking towards helping traders unlock their potential by developing good habits and eliminating bad ones. This has mostly come from seeing the "pumpers" trap naive traders with bags of unlimited losses. Wanting to see a change I decided to start Reversal Swingtrades Academy. I want to arm you with the tools you need to be successful, check out our free resources on this page and good luck! 

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20 Page Ebook

I personally wrote this 20 page E- Playbook and jam packed it with information every trader needs to know to be a successful swing trader. Download it for free, as a thank you for visiting my page. I hope to see you in the next Academy!

Free Weekly Alerts 

We take a lot of pride in providing traders with all they need to be successful. Each week we give out a Newsletter with 3-5 Tickers on Sunday Night for FREE.

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Last but not least...

Webull Settings that produce quick 10-50% trades and a few super novas if you're lucky!